about house of takura

House of Takura is a lifestyle brand focused on high-end and uniquely-stylish designs.  H.O.T fuses African textiles with western fabric and/or modern styles. The fusion is also representative of the hybrid nature of the founder's upbringing.  She was born in Sierra Leone to Sierra Leonean parents but spent much of her life overseas. The essence of her being is a fusion of African traditions and Western norms and influence.  In her lies both the Motherland and the West. Out of it comes a narrative of how two cultures collide into a beautiful explosion. House of Takura represents the hybrid nature of her existence and culture.  Takura in the Shona language, largely spoken in Zimbabwe, is derived from the verb "to grow up" or "mature".  There is a lot in the name, but in a nutshell, it personifies ambition, high ideals and creative ability.  It embodies the desire to accomplish something outstanding in life and do great things for humanity.  Our wearable pieces are made in the USA and our travel bags and accessories are made in Kenya.