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Empowering the Future

This brand is about more than just me. This brand is bigger than me. When I say I want to build a brand which supports Africa in every way, I mean it.

Making a Difference

Our bags are not just bags. They are bags which help empower the future of Africa. And by the future, I mean the children of Africa. Did you know that the youth unemployment rate in Africa is roughly 70%? Can you imagine the amount of humans that are there right now and cannot get gainful employment to start and build their future? Can you imagine that sort of future for your children? We cannot. At #HouseOfTakura we trade and by that we mean, we employ people from the Motherland everyday. From the ones making the fabrics to the ones acquiring the leather to the ones making the bags. We know the Continent is full of talent and we help bring those talents to the world. We see a bright present and future for Africa. We challenge every narrative to the contrary. The goal of this brand is not just to build a family legacy or sell bags; the goal of this brand is to build a legacy of which Africa can be proud. Our bags put people to work. Our bags empower the future.

2021: Maasai Water Project 

House Of Takura is partnered with charity organization Maasai Water Project. Together we work to realize our commitment to invest in the the future of Sub Saharan Africa. We work together with Maasai Water Project to protect the basic human rights to water & education, while preserving and celebrating our African communities' unique cultures. Through our Buy One Give One initiative, every time you purchase a Blackpack, House of Takura donates one backpack to a promising young student in Africa. Children in the communities that we serve travel long distances to reach their school houses. Resources are scarce and having a backpack is an important tool for our student's success. Our Blackpacks will be available for purchase beginning April 2021. To learn more about and/or make a donation to the Maasai Water Project directly, please visit them here

2020 Ivory Coast: Defending the Orphan

When we realized that the purpose of this business is not just to sell beautiful handcrafted bags made with African fabrics and on the Continent, we decided that a singular goal would be to have total societal impact in every country in sub-Sahara Africa. We want this business to empower the girl of African descent - the child of African descent. House of Takura is empowered and wants to empower in whatever way it can. To that end, we have partnered with a non-profit called The Mending Peace to Defend the Orphan in Ivory Coast. The crux of this partnership is to provide a facility for vocational training, a safe space for healing and healthy living for orphans in Ivory Coast through the Association Le Bon Berger. A portion of the proceeds of every House of Takura bag purchased from January 1 through June 30th will go toward this facility! Become a part of this compassionate initiative! Buy a bag and empower the future.

2020 Sierra leone: girls empowerment sierra leone

Empowering our girls to lead the future! As a part of our continued commitment to empowering the youth of Africa, HOT has officially launched its partnership with Girls Empowerment Sierra Leone (GESL). GESL is one of few organizations in Sierra Leone with an empowerment-based approach in equipping young girls to become change agents right there in the country. Visit GESL's website for more information about the powerful and impactful work that they do. We are excited to be joining them in empowering our girls for the future and doing so, with your help, one bag at a time! A portion of the proceeds of every bag purchased from July 1 through December 31 of this year will be donated on a monthly basis to GESL. Thank you for your continued support of our mission to have total societal impact.