About HOT

Having left Sierra Leone at a young age for a better life in the U.S., the privilege for such an opportunity is not always there.  I want to create opportunities for people to better themselves right where they are with pride and security in their home despite circumstances.  At House Of Takura, our bags are not just bags, but are meant to carry opportunities into the future of work in Africa which can only be done through empowering the youth.  The youth unemployment rate in Africa is roughly 70%. Can you imagine the number of people that are there right now and cannot get gainful employment to start and build their future? Can you imagine that sort of future for your children?  We cannot.  Which is why we employ people within Africa every day. From the ones making the fabrics to the ones acquiring the leather to the ones making the bags. We see a bright present and future for Africa.  The goal of this brand is to build a legacy of being socially present, conscious and impactful.  Our bags put people to work. The work we do is heart work.  It is beyond us.  Our bags carry the future.

House of Takura (aka H.O.T.) is a lifestyle brand focused on high-end and unique designs that tell a story of African traditions and Western influences. The name Takura is very near and dear. It is the name of the my son. Takura is Shona for “to grow” or “mature”. The attributes of a person named Takura include creative ability, ambition and high ideals. They also desire to accomplish something outstanding in life and are destined to do great things for humanity. I found this name to be perfect for my son and frankly even more perfect for the brand given our purpose and goals.

At H.O.T, we envisioned fusing African textiles with Western fabric and modern styles to reflect my own upbringing. The notion of fusion is deeply-rooted in my life and shows in the brand. I am a lover of fashion and the creative expression associated with it, as such, H.O.T. was birthed from bridging and, in essence, celebrating the beautiful conundrum that is the identity and experiences of so many diasporans. We have infused this hybrid upbringing in our travel bags inspired by and made in Africa.

Our goal is to touch every country in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our purpose is to empower the future of Africa one bag at a time. Follow our story! You can always find us on the web and onsocial media. Just hit the social icons below and follow our journey. Get behind the brand by watching the video “Big Stories of Small Business”.